Learn the design, technology & science to grow locally sourced food and specialty crops indoors. Start a high demand career OR an URBAN-AG STARTUP.

Award Winning Experience Designing STEAM Education & Training For Urban Students​

Think and Grow offers nearly two decades of internationally recognized expertise in science, technology, engineering and marketing (STEM) classroom and community based learning.   We promote economic diversity and inclusion by introducing the technology, science and team skills to grow speciality crops using less energy and water.     

We offer career orientations, community workshops, online courses, and Saturday Academies.   We also offer 12-16 week immersion training in urban agribusiness and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on industrial hemp testing, processing, product development and customer service.   Certifications, paid apprenticeships and college credits are available.  

 Our approach prepares you immediately for open jobs in your region! 

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Our Purpose? #ThinkandGrow

There is plenty of debate about climate change but there’s no arguing that more people are moving to cities.     Unfortunately, we’ve all heard about recent food recalls, water shortages and power outages as the resources get overwhelmed.   These are serious challenges but they’re also opportunities.   

Think and Grow Farms is an Urban-Ag tech start up that introduces skills training in system design, automation, IT data analysis, lab testing, and customer service while growing safer, more sustainable crops.   Learning those skills actually prepare students for open jobs in a variety of industries  across Pennsylvania.    


Our Target Locations

Think and Grow Farms has  priority partnerships in York, PA, Philadelphia, PA, and Exton, PA.    Our training partner is the Creative Tech Works Design Studio, Inc., which has produced award winning STEM programs in engineering, technology and computer science for young people ages 12+.