Creative Tech Works Design Studio, Inc.  is seeking instructors for Fall 2022!!     We’re hosting Saturday Sustainability workshops and happy to pay a stipend if you’d like to share your knowledge!

Call Dr. Jamie at 267-240-6698 and let’s talk about your expertise and interests!  

Urban Agriculture: Design Indoor Food Systems

Learn how to build hydroponic, aquaponic and indoor farms. You can create a mini farm in your basement, garage or backyard. It's also a great lead into 2+ year and 4+ year degrees in biology, engineering, environmental sciences and business.

IT & Computer Science for Agriculture

We're offering Fall workshops in basic sensor programming for indoor farms. Take an introductory workshop in using sensors, programming them, and collecting data to make decisions about the world of living things.

Industrial Hemp for sustainable products

Industrial hemp has nearly 50,000 uses, from concrete to cat litter to cannabinoid (CBD) oils for consumer products. This exciting plant is returning as a premier cash crop in the United States. Join us to learn some of the ways this plant can help feed, clothe and shelter your community.

Customer Service Marketing Rep

Go from an introduction to customer service to earning a certificate in customer relationship (CRM) software used in every industry. The better your negotiating skills the more you can earn.