Learning Pathways

Urban Agriculture System Design

Learn the engineering design process to build hydroponic, aquaponic and greenhouse growing environments. Install and collect data from programmable sensors. Work for municipal parks, greenhouses, landscaping and private companies. It's also a great lead into 2+ year and 4+ year engineering and agriculture degree programs. Contact us for more information.

Computer Science for Urban Ag

Earn a software development certificate in the widely popular Python programming language. You'll also learn basic RFID and blockchain programming to track crop security from seed to product. Python is a premier language for creating smart buildings, and you'll gain hands-on systems experience to transfer into a job or to college! Contact us for more information.

Urban Ag Lab Technician

Start a career in agronomy and lab management by learning the fundamentals of lab operations, organic testing, bio-chemical extraction, seed quality assurance methods and data analysis. Our master gardener and college faculty partners will teach you how to work in college and industry lab environments. Contact us for more information.

Industrial Hemp Processing Technician

Industrial hemp has nearly 50,000 uses, from concrete to cat litter to cannabinoid (CBD) oils for consumer products. This exciting plant is returning as a premier cash crop in the United States. Our farm will provide training on growing, harvesting, processing and extracting feedstock. This competitive apprenticeship accepts 10 students/year. Contact us for more information.

Customer Service Marketing Rep

You'll earn a certificate in customer relationship (CRM) software to become an excellent communicator with growers, processors, distributors and retail store suppliers and buyers. The better your negotiating skills the more you can earn. Compete for up to five paid apprenticeships. Contact us for more information.