Indoor Farming: Clean Food, R&D, training

Committed to Clean, Accessible Growing.

We're a family owned urban ag-tech farm committed to growing clean, non-GMO and speciality crops for eating and manufacturing. We are committed to sustainability, and conduct R&D to create products for urban markets that reduce waste. Our start up is part of the growing urban agriculture movement to bring food closer to people who need it, and to collaborate with rural partners to bring product manufacturing back to cities. We offer workshops to teach communities how to process crops for sale in the US and abroad.

Who we are

Think and Grow's team is diverse, intergenerational and technology proficient. Some of us have degrees, some of us don't but we're all concerned about our changing environment and how we will access food, energy, water and manage waste.

What COVID-19 has Taught us (So Far):

#1. To lean into family (biological and chosen) and to strengthen those bonds by building, growing and learning together. #2. Food insecurity and poor food options are part of a larger pattern of class and race segregation that's starving vulnerable communities. #3. Growing and turning crops into products is a pathway to economic self determination.

Think and Grow Farms is a member of the Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association, Inc. and the Greater Philadelphia Black Business Leadership Coalition.      Our family extends its appreciation to the phenomenal team at the  One Art Community Center for hosting our first container farm during the pandemic. The shutdowns hindered our collaboration but we are pleased to have contributed technology and equipment to extend their indoor growing capacity.    Many thanks also  to Donna Ross, Esq. for inviting TGF to join the Black Leaf Natural Innovation Lab, with space provided by Phil Pulley and the SGM team in Jenkintown, PA!    Our collaboration with NJGM and Oneal Latimore, CEO of Eastern Hemp will yield several industrial hemp related products for consumers and manufacturers – and provides a space for growing and learning!

  For more information on collaborations, call Mark Green at  215-617-4701.       Many thanks to our affiliations, sponsors and clients below: