Growing and Sustaining Wealth thru Urban Ag

What we're committed to

Creating ways for local families to generate wealth through urban agriculture. We specialize in growing food, specialty crops and saving seeds in portable farms. Think and Grow is part of the movement to bring food closer to the people who need it most, and teaching them the technologies needed to grow it, process it, and sell it.

Who we are

Our team is diverse, intergenerational and technology proficient. Some of us have degrees, some of us don't but we're all experts in our field. We are all concerned about our changing environment and know that access to decent food, low cost energy and clean water are both human rights and social justice issues we have the ability to solve.

What COVID-19 has Taught us (So Far):

#1. The racial hierarchy social system we've inherited is bad for our mental, spiritual, physical and economic health. #2. Food insecurity and poor food options are part of a larger pattern of class and race segregation that's starving vulnerable communities. #3. Rural farmers don't have a way to sell directly to consumers, and many destroyed dairy and crops we city dwellers need. Having locally accessible food is critical to supplement (not replace) rural growing.

Our first Think and Grow Farm has opened in West Philadelphia at the One Art Community Center.   We’re growing with new sites scheduled for North Philadelphia in 2020.        We’re collaborating with municipal partners, community organizations and families to build a circular economy.    If you want to jointly own a processing, sales or distribution business we’re open to joint ventures.  Contact Mark or Jamie Green to discuss investment strategies: or 215-617-4701.