our vision, our team & upcoming projects

What we're committed to

We envision our nation serving as a model for inclusive competitiveness, where high potential but disconnected people use their ingenuity and skills to solve high value problems undermining urban sustainability. Diversity is important, but cultural competence is the game changer. Communicating effectively across cultures is critical for onboarding more Pennsylvania residents into the innovation economy.

Who we are

Our team includes Internationally recognized experts in educational and cognitive psychology, finance, farming, STEM education, community development and policy. We also have some really cool STEM college students on work study. Our board of advisors include experts in industrial hemp, agriculture, energy, project management, manufacturing & engineering technology.

Our priorities 2019-2021

Establishing a Think and Grow Farm grow center and training facility in York, Pennsylvania's 95th district. Set up an industrial hemp research and processing facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Establish a Think and Grow Farm grow center in Chester, PA. Create 30 pre-apprenticeships, and 10 apprenticeships with industry partners .